Structure & Volyoom Scissors

SV 4 PLUHS 96016

The JSBS (Janoor Scissor Bearing System) ensures perfect, even movement and optimum tension.

Professional masterpiece , unique in design convex shaped blades. Ideal for Structured Volyoom cutting.

SV 4 PLUHS 96016 Shears features American and Japanese two different stainless steel alloys. SV 4 PLUHS 96016 Scissors enjoy highest hardness in all heat-resistant stainless steel, includes rich composition of 18Cr-1C, other ingredients: C-0.95 ~ 1.2, Si/Mn less than 1.0 , P less than 0.04 , S less than 0.03 , Cr about 16 ~ 18.

Specialty: Texture, Thinning and Blending

Cut: 20% - 25%

Handle: Offset

Tension: JSBS (Janoor Scissor Bearing System) and Adjustable Screw model

Sizes: 6.5"


Forged: Scissors/Shears

Price 99.00

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