Brilliant Class Scissor

Fohkuhs 98876

The JSBS (Janoor Scissor Bearing System) ensures perfect, even movement and optimum tension.

Janoor represents state of the art craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. These exceptionally sharp, ergonomically designed hair styling scissors are made of excellent quality steel metal that is extremely resistant.

Fohkuhs 98876 Shears features American and Japanese two different stainless steel alloys. Fohkuhs 98876 Scissors enjoy highest hardness in all heat-resistant stainless steel, includes rich composition of 18Cr-1C, other ingredients: C-0.95 ~ 1.2, Si/Mn less than 1.0 , P less than 0.04 , S less than 0.03 , Cr about 16 ~ 18.

Specialty: Professional hair cutting scissors

Handle: Offset

Tension: JSBS (Janoor Scissor Bearing System)

Sizes: 5.8" and 6.3"


Forged: Scissors/Shears

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Counterfeit Scissors Alert

Purchasing Janoor Hair Scissors, Leather bags...
Janoor has become aware of several counterfeit offerings scissors and leather case product line.  Produced in China, Pakistan and Korea, and distributed throughout the USA, Europe and Japan. We have recently received numerous complaints from customers that have unknowingly purchased fake Janoor scissors/shears. In order to avoid becoming a victim of counterfeiting, we recommend you follow the guidelines for Purchasing Janoor scissors.