Only use on hair.

Always clean surfaces of scissors after every use with a clean, soft cloth. Do not robbing them of any lubricant, as it can damage your scissors, our soft scissor cleaning cloth is ideal and keep it clean.

Oil the pivot area frequently.

  • Check the ' BLADE TENSION ' of your scissors periodically.
  • Try not to drop them! Dropping scissor can do the most damage, creating nicks in the blades. Should you nick your blades, DO NOT force them closed! This will damage them further! Keep the blades open and store safely until they can be repaired.
  • Have your scissors sharpened as often as you feel necessary, depend on haircut or use. If they are "pulling" hair, "pushing hair" or if they do not cut all the way to the tips, they need a tune up! Good quality scissors will yield about 400 to 700 hair cuts before they need sharpened. That number, decreases when they are used to cut coarse hair, dirty hair, chemically treated hair i.e., permed hair, colored hair, or hair saturated with chlorine from swimming pools. The longevity of your scissors also decreases with poor care so please call us or write us, when you need repairs or sharpening.
  • Get your scissors ' tuned up ' periodically by JANOOR or certified service centre. ( recommended annually)
  • Always treat your scissors as a precision-tuned instrument.
  • Do not toss them on your counter or in a drawer where they might bang around against other scissors, brushes, hair clips, combs, or other items. This will damage the cutting edge on your scissors.
  • Checking the blade tension

Warning If the scissor tension is too tight the blades will grind against each other. If the tension is too loose they will feel out of control. Either may become blunt or develop nicks.

  • To check the tension With your left hand hold the scissors by the ring without the finger rest, points facing upwards (vertical). With your right hand hold the ring with the finger rest, and open the blades so that they form a cross. Release the ring in your right hand, it should drop enough to leave a small gap at the tips, about 15-17 mm. If it falls quickly and almost or touches the other ring it is too loose, if it does not move it is too tight.
  • To correct Adjust the tension accordingly using the tension nut. Clockwise to tighten, anti-clockwise to loosen.

Some scissors series can only be adjusted by the JANOOR or certified service centre.

Counterfeit Scissors Alert

Purchasing Janoor Hair Scissors, Leather bags...
Janoor has become aware of several counterfeit offerings scissors and leather case product line.  Produced in China, Pakistan and Korea, and distributed throughout the USA, Europe and Japan. We have recently received numerous complaints from customers that have unknowingly purchased fake Janoor scissors/shears. In order to avoid becoming a victim of counterfeiting, we recommend you follow the guidelines for Purchasing Janoor scissors.